GirlsWay – Lilly Bell & Victoria Voxxx – Indoor Picnic


A new episode of GirlsWay is Indoor Picnic with Lilly Bell & Victoria Voxxx. Victoria Voxxx should utilize her mid-day break to go on a heartfelt outing in the recreation area with her sweetheart, Lilly Chime. In any case, tragically, Victoria is totally overwhelmed with work, including a lunch meeting that her manager declares without a second to spare. She calls Lilly to drop the excursion plans, then, at that point, unfortunately, returns to work.

Lilly is frustrated from the start, however, at that point, she gets a thought. She gets together the cookout supplies and heads for the room. Lilly finishes the room with blossoms, fans out the excursion cover on the bed, and sets up food including apples, which are Victoria’s number one…

At the point when Victoria at long last gets back from work, she is shocked to see that the room has been changed into a heartfelt, blossom-filled outing region. Lilly says that she realizes Victoria really buckles down, so she needed to be steady and ensure they can in any case have their outing, regardless of whether it’s an indoor one. Victoria is contacted and affectionately kisses Lilly, which prompts a heartfelt and exotic sex meeting. (1)

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Date: April 4, 2024