Kiss Me Fuck Me – Chanel Camryn & Victoria Voxxx – No Sore Losers


A new episode of Kiss Me Fuck Me is No Sore Losers with Chanel Camryn and Victoria Voxxx.

Victoria Voxxx and Chanel Camryn are getting ready to watch a football game on television. Every one of them upholds rival groups, so it’s to be expected for them to get warmed during the match… particularly Chanel. What’s to be said? She is a fervent maniac who adores her team to the hilt.

Victoria, notwithstanding, doesn’t maintain that they should get into another battle as a result of their games competition something which has positively occurred previously. Thus, this time, she’s thought of a plan to hold their seriousness under tight restraints. Whenever one group scores, the champ needs to kiss the failure! Like that, nobody will feel like a bad sport and everybody wins (well… kind of).

They begin watching the game and this novel thought makes all the difference. Nonetheless, it is by all accounts working excessively well since the two ladies begin feeling increasingly more stirred with each peck. At the point when half-time moves around, they can scarcely keep their hands off one another… so they choose to ‘score’ a couple of focuses as our forefathers would have done it… with exotic, sensual sex. (1)

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Date: March 27, 2024