Mixed X – The Immortal Gift


A new episode of MxedX is The Immortal Gift with Nata Ocean, Marina Gold, Cherry Candle & Clemence Audiard.

Cherry and Marina Gold had developed a close friendship, which led Marina to propose a double date with their partners, Claire and Nata Gold. Unbeknownst to them, their probably human accomplices bore a dull mystery – they were vampires.

The scene was set for a pivotal evening as Marina and Clemence Audiard labored to prepare a meal for their guests. The vampires sensed each other’s presence as soon as Cherry Candle and Nata entered the room, creating an electric atmosphere of tension.

Frantic to hide their real essence from their beloveds, they attempted to stay cool-headed. Be that as it may, as the night unfurled, the fragile equilibrium gave way to a warmed struggle, coming full circle in a life-changing choice as the vampires decided to present the endowment of everlasting status to their unsuspecting sweethearts. (1)

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Date: March 27, 2024