PureTaboo – Penelope Woods – Parental Guardian Angel


A new episode of PureTaboo is Parental Guardian Angel with Penelope Woods. A delivery man, Daniel (Ken Feels), arrives at the home of a teen, Carrie (Penelope Woods), with a package. As Daniel gives Carrie the package, he hears a man sounding aggressive inside. Daniel becomes concerned, but Carrie nervously closes the door on him.

That fateful day, Daniel delivers a package of vitamins for Carrie’s old man, but this time he seems a bit nervous. He tells Carrie to be sure to give the vitamins to the man of the house. It’s for him and ONLY him. When Carrie assures Daniel that she will and closes the door, Daniel takes a breath.

Two years later, Carrie is much happier and carefree, and Daniel is now her new stepfather. It’s revealed that Carrie’s old man suddenly passed away from cardiac arrest two years ago and that Daniel eventually married his widow. Now all is right in the world…

Carrie is thrilled that her old man is gone, insisting that her life’s been so much better since his passing. Her old man was cruel and now that she’s no longer living in fear, the way everything came together feels almost like a gift. She’s so thankful for the change and to have Daniel as her loving stepfather. In fact, everything came together so nicely that she feels like someone’s been watching over them. All she wishes is that she had someone to thank for it all. (1)

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Date: April 9, 2024